Beach Holiday in Dubai With my Wife And my Kids

You know Dubai is not a bad place after all, especially if you are looking for a holiday! In fact, it is one of the best holiday destinations in the world (oh yes, I am not exaggerating). Its malls and that ridiculously tall thing (Burj Khalifa) may enjoy all the limelight but this city also has great beaches. So, it was a year back when I went to Dubai for a beach holiday. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting the beaches to be as great as it turned out to be.

Jumeirah Beach is the most notable one. I spent a couple of days beside the beach stationed at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel. This resort cost me quite a lot (more than my ex-girlfriend would cost me during her shopping days), but I had to relent before my wife’s stern gaze. She does not like those budget hotels (that’s one of the demerits of marrying a girl from elite class). Plus, I thought my kids deserve something nice from their daddy. Oh yes, there are many places to visit in Dubai for children, apart from the Jumeirah Beach! So you dare not leave them behind.

Before I get to that, let me tell you that at Jumeirah Beach, you can laze around (even in shorts) and enjoy the panoramic beauty of the sea. There are some sports as well though I didn’t try them (coz I am a bit of a timid thing). Just at the backyard, there is this wonderful water park known as Wild Wadi. It is really great despite all the claims that it is great :O

My wife is a smart tech geek and had already done her homework well. She had even mugged the address of the malls she had decided to visit (that’s more than I could chew)! Our first visit was the Dubai Mall which is hailed as the largest shopping mall in the world. Yup, it is really large. We couldn’t explore even half of the building.

At the next stop which happened to be Mall of the Emirates, my wallet suffered a heavy loss. This mall is noted for its indoor skiing (Ski Dubai). It is one of the top places to visit in Dubai for children (of rich dads). Though it is expensive, it is really a wonderful thing. My kids were literally star-struck. And since I am a kind of a super rich dad in their innocent eyes, I couldn’t say no to their pleas. Some other top places we checked out are Burj Al Arab, Gold Souk and Ibn Batutah Mall. And by the time we returned home in India, my wallet had become a proud martyr! But I enjoyed.

Reading Festival and its Growing Popularity

Summer holidaying is one of the most beloved activities of mankind. There are many places on earth which are well known for this activity. However, nothing matches England and this is why the city of London receives more tourists per annum than any other city in the world. Where the English capital itself remains a fabulous tourist destination, outside of London, there is a lot to enjoy and check out. For history lovers, historical sites and museums around England perfect the holidays while for food aficionados, eating around the land can be just a mind blowing experience. Those who fancy beach holidaying, there is not much in the country but England still has a few spots to treat beach lovers too. Apart from this, shopping, museums, art galleries, parks and other tourist attractions in the country have remained simply unparalleled.

For those who are lucky enough to spend the bank holiday of august in this part of the world, Reading Festival is a highly recommended event to check out. Many cities of England are known for their liveliness, events and festivities and especially in London, whatever happens is caught by international media. Nonetheless, Reading Festival has its own place and owing to its uniqueness and wonderments, draws a high number of England’s tourist populace towards itself during the bank holiday of August. This is the time when together with the city of Leeds, Reading organizes this grand celebration of music and attracts music lovers from all around the globe. Beginning in the 1970s, this event has grown bigger and better than ever before.

Thus today, reading festival tickets are largely sold over the internet because not just the people of England but music fans from all around the world die to get here. Reading Festival is organized at the popular Little John’s Farm and includes a number of stages with each of them, dedicated to a different scene. While some stages would invite the newcomers, others would be dedicated to dance acts and some kept aside for the world renowned names. Hence, from very famous to very new musicians are invited for Reading Festival and from rock to pop, a large number of dance and music genres are celebrated by this mega event.

Reading festival tickets include not just attending the shows but also for camping in the area. There are any other types of tickets and each of them has a different price. Music lovers can thus select the ones that suites them better and go with the vibe of this fantabulous musical celebration.