Month: June 2019

Zoos to Visit in Torquay

There are many Torquay family attractions that your children should visit when you go on a family holiday. One of the Torquay family attractions that the kids will really enjoy are the zoos. There are both coastal and forest zoos in town. The Living Coasts and the Paignton zoos are great places to see different kinds of plants and animals. Your family will especially love being able to get up close to the animals and see some fascinating plants as well.

Living Coasts

Have an exciting day out in the Living Coasts, a coastal zoo that will show you many fascinating things. Living Coasts is one of the most popular Torquay family attractions for families because of its uniqueness and beauty. The place can be found near the holiday cottages in Torquay. Here at the zoo, there are several amazing animals living in a habitat that simulates their natural environment. Animals are not the only things you will see here as there are lush vegetation and different flora surrounding the zoo are also taking a look at. The Living Coasts also houses 20 different species of mangroves. Mangroves are trees that grow and thrive in salt water which make them unique as they are the only tree species that can do so. One vital role of the mangrove roots is the that they serve as the breeding place and nursery for little fishes. The mangroves grow in the large aquariums. Coming from the upper part walking through the ramp, you will get a magnificent view of the mangrove forest as you go down. There are also amazing fireflies, bats, and flying foxes that live at the mangrove forest.

Paignton Zoo

Another zoo to visit and include in your Torquay family attractions itinerary is the Paignton Zoo. Here you will find thousands of flora and fauna that can be found all over the zoo. You and your family will enjoy exploring the zoo, the savannah, the forest, and the desert. You can go very near the different animals and learn more information about them too. Here are some of the fascinating animals that you can find at the zoo. The Gouldian Finch is a lovely bird with yellow, scarlet, and black color combination. They usually stay in the branches of the trees and seldom come down to the ground. Eastern Bongos are beautifully colored reddish brown animals with clear stripes on its body. They are endangered because people hunt them for their meat. The Senegal Bushbaby are leaping nocturnal primates that are known for having big eyes. They leap from one tree to another and leaves their urine scent in the trees they leap to. They only look for food at night by using their sense of hearing and smell. You can reach the zoo by car or any other public transport. Taking the bus will give you 10 percent price off on the entry ticket to the zoo. When you are on holidays, these are fascinating Torquay family attractions that you must not miss.