Year: 2020

Our Trip to Riga

We headed away from the hotel and came to the Monument of Freedom, a striking memorial to the soldiers killed in the Latvian War of Independence. The monument was kept under watch by 2 guards and several wreaths lay at the base of the structure.

Still heading away from the old town, we were just wandering and people watching when we came across the bridge decorated with umpteen padlocks. These padlocks were clamped on by newlyweds and the keys were thrown into the river as a symbol of Love. Our route began to take us back towards town as we had done a full circle, and after some lunch we escaped from a very heavy rain shower by visiting the Occupation Museum of Latvia.

The exhibits showcase the occupation of Latvia by the Nazis and the Soviets and was quite in-teresting, despite it being quite busy. Upon leaving the museum we were disappointed to find that it was still raining fairly heavily, so we made our way back to the hotel for some shelter. With nothing much else to do, we sat at the bar from 2pm onwards and drank beer whilst playing cards.

4 hours soon passed and we were on our way to getting pretty drunk, and therefore we ventured out for some dinner. The hotel was organizing a pub crawl later that night and we decided to carry on our escapades at the hotel bar.

It was here that we bumped into a familiar face; a guy from our home town of Munich was also staying at the hotel! A decent sized group of drinkers had gathered and a large card game en-sued, but they had a long way to go to catch up with Dave and I on the beer front! After some great banter and several more beers, we began our pub crawl, which was dutifully led by 2 of the hotel girls.

We were led outside the hotel in a group and because we were too drunk, we lost the group less than 50m outside the hotel! We cut our losses and hit the first bar we came to. My memory from there on in was hazy to say the least, but we ended up sleeping out in the pub conser-vatory for god knows how long.

We were woken by a less than happy woman shaking our legs and giving us an earful of Russian! I think we might have been crashed out for at least 2 hours! Luckily the hotel was just around the corner and we made our way home safely.

Ibiza Place For Great Pleasure

Ibiza or Eivissa is an island in the Mediterranean Sea just 79 km off the cost of Valencia in Spain. You can go there through plane by directly flying through Barcelona or Valencia or might be by land transport and by fast passenger ferry that runs from Barcelona twice daily and takes three hours to get there. There are always several shuttles and a fleet of taxis that may be eager to transport visitors.

The weather here is Mediterranean and has milder winters and cooler summers. The hot summer seasons lasts from June to September, Frost and snow are very rare. The local cuisine here is also Mediterranean with one of the typical products here is sweet known as flaons and some of the accommodations here such as Ibiza villas are Mediterranean in style as is considered as the most beautiful of the Balearic Islands with its amazing cove beaches and high towering cliffs. It has around sixty Ibiza beaches but is also known for its great variety of coastal and inland natural beauty, with many of its sites rated as "World Heritage Site" by the UN. There is lots of sightseeing, water sports like SCUBA diving, boat trips, adventure sports, family fun, villages and shopping in Ibiza to be done. Your family can as well enjoy great Ibiza villas that can see the finest island in Balearics.

Ibiza is popular as well because of the legendary and at times riotous nightlife centers. It located in the Ibiza Town, the islands capital on the southern shore and San Antonio on the west. Lots of famous clubs are located here especially during summer since top producers and DJ's in dance come to the island and plays on various clubs. Some of them run their own weekly nights around the island. Many of the DJ's use Ibiza as an outlet for presenting their new songs within their own genre and style.There are lot of activities and esteemed spots to enjoy here in Ibiza, great accommodations such as the different Ibiza villas as well can be offered to you, your family and your friends. You can enjoy both the beaches and the beautiful places and as well as the nerve rocking experiences of new clubs in which you can meet a lot of people.

Tell You How to Hiking Alone

Hiking is simply going for a walk, but doing so the wilderness. Its not really that much different than taking a walk anywhere else except that the surfaces you are walking on. may be more uneven than the paved or flat surfaces you usually find in a city. Intended to help you ease into hiking If you are unsure or uncomfortable with the idea of going off into the woods for a walk, they may help you to get started.

One of differences between hiking and walking around in town is that you need to become more aware of your circumstances and what you need in order to take care of your body. While you are hiking there generally won't be a car, bus, house, store, or any other shelter to duck into if you get too hot or too cold or too tired or too hungry. And depending on when and where you go there may not be anyone else around. If you miss judge something on a short hike, it won't take long before you can get back to warmth, shelter, food, water, and more familiar surroundings.

You need to be prepared for whatever the weather conditions are when you go for a hike, and you need to be able to find your way back home again. For example, a fully feature north face jacket, a fit footware. Summer in most areas is usually the best time of year for hiking because the weather then is most pleasant, but if you live in an area such as the desert you may want to start hiking in the spring, fall, or even winter when temperatures are more moderate. Choosing friendly weather will mean one less thing you have to worry about while you are finding out what this hiking thing is all about. Later after you have gained some experience and want more variety or challenge you can go out when the seasons are less friendly.

Start out by hiking with others in a group. It is also a good idea at least at first to go with other people who have already been hiking and know what to expect and can help you out when you don't know what to do. but I recommend hiking alone if you are experienced. It gives them a chance to think about things, or the opportunity to not think and just experience. I really enjoy the solitude of hiking alone.

One of the most common mistakes made by the hiking novice is the wrong choice of outdoor gear. Choosing the right outdoor gear is very important.

Hiking by definition is walking which means being on your feet. So you should choose footware that is designed to make your feet comfortable while walking not footware whose sole purpose is to look good and get attention. If you are just going hiking for a few hours or a day. A good pair of walking shoes is quite adequate in most areas. The footware needs to be comfortable and needs to have the kind of sole that won't have you slipping on any surfaces that aren't perfectly flat.

Most people like to wear new footware for the first time on a hike. This is more of a problem with boots than it is with shoes. Give your feet a chance to get used to any new hiking footware by wearing it for short periods around your home or for short walks in the park. Generally the heavier the footwear the longer it will take for your feet to get used to the new shoes. If you wear something on your feet for a hike that don't already feel very comfortable, you may be sorry. Blisters are the most common result, and while not life threatening blisters certainly are fun. They can in fact be quite painful.

The clothes you wear are also important for comfortable hiking. Wear only jacket that feel comfortable while you are walking - not too hot and not too cold. Generally this means loose fitting clothes. At the other extreme you don't want your clothes so loose that they get in your way and trip you up. A fleece womens north face jackets aren't desirable for hot, sunny hiking weather. The jacket you wear all based on locale and weather.

Once you have some experience in hiking, if you want to do more by expanding your hiking season, or going out for longer trips, or going it alone, or tackling more difficult terrain, check out the other information available here and elsewhere for ideas. Consider these ideas and techniques in light of your own experience. Then experiment. Try different techniques. Test different pieces of gear. Find out what works best for you. Hiking is a very personal experience. What works best for you, what brings you the most joy while hiking, won't be the same for everyone else. Don't worry about it. Get the most out your hiking that you can.

Visit The City Norwalk, The Place of Four Points by Sheraton.

Situated in the Fairfield County, Norwalk, CT is having a population of almost 85 thousands. This is a city in the Connecticut which is also no doubt an important part of United States. As far as the Census Bureau is concerned in the year 2008 the city can be defined as the sixth largest in this county according the size. The fact that attracts a number of travelers is that this city belongs to the New York metropolitan area. Such fact really can attract numerous people and a lot of people travel along path to their Destination Norwalk.

Even the very name of the city belongs to the word noyank which means a point of land. This word is actually an Algonquin word and the very native name of is American base is Naramauke. Oysters are very important this city and this is a huge farming source for the natives of this city. Actually the city once named over its great farming of Oysters. It was renowned as Oyster town. The city is the largest oyster producer as far as the Connecticut is concerned. The greatest oyster company Hilliard Bloom Shellfish is also situated in this city. A traveler can witness the huge and beautiful oyster festival if the person travels t this place in the month of September. Each and every year the city organizes its greatest annual festival. This can be considered and can be compared with many state fairs as well.

For any traveler another thing in this city can be very interesting and that are the liquor store Norwalk. Travelers can really take pleasure in these shops and they are really unique. Even a huge number of travelers who love to drink and even love to relish the drink that will be really enjoyed a lot with such liquor store Norwalk.

There is no doubt that the city can be really a very ideal place for many people just because this can be very good place for romance. The city can give a huge scope to many people who love to spend very intimate and private time with numerous people. There are a number of rendezvous spots that can be really identified as the most romantic spots in the entire country. The romantic spots of this county can be compared with various beautiful and nostalgic places in New England. Many people specifically fro the people coming from the New York and other states prefer this county to spend their time with their partners.

Nobody can deny the fact that the coastal region of this place is the most recognized and preferred location as the romantic destination in this land. This is really a town of mystic beauty with various outstanding spots of enjoyment. Many people prefer and come to visit this place in the season of summer. The area really bustles with extreme visitors in the summer season without any doubt. Even there are various beautiful restaurants that are very much popular for their outstanding space that is ideal for numerous lovers to spend time with their partners.

As a tourist spot this city is also enriched with various resorts, which are also ideal places for the couples to spend the time with each other. The vibrant resorts and their outstanding management add an extra satisfaction to the tourists. It is no doubt very clear that nobody can go in empty hands from this city, as this is a place for each and every one. People almost all ages may find pleasure and ultimate satisfaction in this place. So it is better to pack your bag for you next trip to this city.

Gibraltar Entertainment


Gibraltar is packed full of so much to see and do. In the evening Gibraltar can especially come alive. Depending on your desires, there's always something for you to do.

Right in the middle of Gibraltar's shopping district you'll find Casemate's Square at the end of Main Street. This area is packed with nearly anything you could wish to buy. Cafacs, restaurants, bars, and stores. This is the heart of both, Gibraltar's daytime shopping and Gibraltar's nightlife.

Casemate's Square was formerly a barracks and the site of public executions. The buildings were used as an ammunition depot. It now is home to many shopping and tourist opportunities. You can purchase nearly anything your heart desires. Household goods, electronics, tobacco, alcohol, perfume, practically everything is available.

Traveling up Main Street, you'll come upon Gibraltar's Parliament. In the rear of Parliament is John Macintosh Square, which houses City Hall. While heading south, you'll come across the Courts of Justice. It was here that Yoko Ono and John Lennon were married in 1969. The King's Chapel and the Governor's Residence are both in the area as well. Built in the late 1490's, the Governors Residence, named the Convent, was constructed as a convent for Franciscan Friars.

For dancing or drinks you can head to Little Rock Cafacs, The Tunnel or All's Well. Little Rock Cafacs?? offers incredible food and a nice outdoor eating area. The Tunnel offers a fully stocked 40' bar, and a decent menu. They do a good job of combining a club and pub. They have five large TVs for sporting events and a sound and light system that would blow you away. All's Well is a theme pub, you can be sure a good time will be had once the sun sets.

To take your chances with Lady Luck, you can head over to Gala Casino. Gala Casino offers poker, slots, sports betting and bingo. They also have a restaurant if you begin to feel famished while trying your luck.

For a real treat, you can pay a visit to Gibraltar Time Tunnel, the world's only holographic cinema. In about 20 minutes, the show will take you on a trip through the fascinating history of Gibraltar.

If you take a trip to Gibraltar and claim you didn't have fun, you can only blame yourself. There is so much to do and see, you couldn't possibly leave without having been entertained. If you enjoy keeping busy while on vacation, Gibraltar could drain you. You'll be completely happy you saw as much as you did, but you may need a vacation from your vacation upon returning home.

Lake Garda Itineraries Your Own Perfect Getaway For This Summer

The province of Verona in general and the area surrounding Lake Garda in particular are a great place to spend a weekend or a summer day outdoors. In these warm months, the breeze that circulates in the area is sure to be appreciated and even more when considering the many water sport activities, the cultural offer and the natural richness of the lake.

There are in fact many alternatives of leisure for everyone: from a relaxed day visit to the charming villages on the banks of Lake Garda to an exciting weekend of climbing. The lovers of good red wine can also make the pilgrimage in Bardolino, while lovers of history and literature will find in the lake an endless source of stories and inspiration.

Lake Garda has in its architecture and territorial configuration a large artistic and cultural heritage that is truly worth discovering. Places such as Sirmione, where lies an ancient Roman villa that still today retains much of the ancient structures. Among the things to visit, the Scaliger Castle. The peninsula where Sirmione is located goes into the lake, creating a wonderful background where the noise and tensions of the city seem farther than ever.

Poets such as Catullus have made of Lake Garda the still visible scenario of their creativity. The Grotte di Catullo, now remains of the Roman villa have been converted to an archaeological complex that you can visit during the summer months from 8.30 am to 7 pm from Tuesday to Saturday and from 8.30 am to 1.30 pm on Sunday. In modern history, the lake and in particular the town of Sirmione have hosted events such as the legendary meeting in 1920 between Ezra Pound and James Joyce, after seven years of correspondence during which the American poet did his best to support the career of the Dubliners' author.

For a gastronomic tour of this wonderful area located only a few kilometers from Verona, start from the eastern shore of the lake: in Bardolino, the town that gives name to one of the most popular Italian red wines you can visit the cellars and discover the characteristics of this wine. Continue on your way to Peschiera del Garda, where you can enjoy typical dishes of delicious seafood.

If you are one of those who prefer a more active day or weekend of sports in Lake Garda, there are many options for you to choose from: you can practice sports such as windsurfing, horseback riding or trekking through the hills. You can also rent mountain bikes or motor boats, which will allow you to navigate the waters and make a stop in the most representative and most enchanting places of the shore.

Museums, ancient Roman cities, wonderful panoramic views and a wide range of fun activities await for you at Lake Garda in Verona. Whether you are traveling to the North of Italy with your family or friends or have organized a day trip with your partner, the lake will be the perfect setting for outdoor entertainment, the discovery of areas of amazing beauty and also an opportunity to taste the typical specialties of Verona.