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Dubai, which is commonly known as the shopping capital of the world, is not the only shopping destination for international tourists in Middle East. Jeddah is also a well known city when it comes to shopping. With its old and traditional markets on one side and flashy modern malls on the other, it can safely be called a heaven for shoppers. Today I will take you on a trip to many markets and shopping centers in the beautiful city of Jeddah so that when you book your flights to Jeddah, you will have a ready reference to the happening places in the city. While passing through these markets you will see the local culture, traditional shops along with the products which make Jeddah a true shopper's delight.

The first market we will cover Al-Basha market. Located near the eastern port of Jeddah, this market is famous for textiles and spices. You will also get some handmade utility stuff here such as water skin bags locally known as Qirabs.

The other famous market in Jeddah is Al-Sagha Market, famous for its jewelry and items made of precious metals like gold, silver and diamonds. Situated in the South-Eastern part of the city, this market is flooded with customers during Hajj season. While walking through the market you will get to see beautiful items made of gold and silver with a specialized Arabian work on them. Even if you do not have hefty load of money to purchase these items still a visit to this market is must for every traveler.

The next in line is Al-Nada market. Famous for its fish fry and coffee shops, this is one of the oldest markets in the city of Jeddah. Situated between the northern gate of Okasha Mosque and Zawiat AL-Hadarem, the market is also famous for its stores. It was earlier known as the Al-Gommasheen market. So if you like fish, head straight to this market after landing in Jeddah and trust me you will eat the best fish fry you have ever eaten.

Now let's move to Balad, a huge market place in Jeddah with many specialized markets. It is a lively market filled with energy and vibrancy. With its narrow lanes of cobbled stone, it is similar to other Asian markets in its appearance but the dishes which are served in many eateries in this market, I am sure you won't find anywhere else.

A Tourist Guide on Tunbridge Wells

Are you a prospective tourist or present visitor of Kent County planning to visit the town of Royal Tunbridge Wells? If its so, then you must not miss it because Tunbridge Wells is a town full of magnificent history and places which are not to be missed. The town offers a plethora of historical sites as well as places for recreation and entertainment. It is bordered by East Sussex County and at a distance of 1 hour drive from the metropolitan and capital city London. Tunbridge Wells was the one and only spa town in Eastern England in the ancient times. It was a center of attention for the entire country and people from all over the nation visited this town for its wonderful gardens and spas. The transportation facilities in the town of Tunbridge Wells which include private cars, taxis, vans, buses, coaches, and trains are found easily. For the ease and convenience of tourists, private car hire from Tunbridge Wells to London City airport and all other major airports of London is easily available 24/7.

The people looking for taxi hire from Tunbridge Wells to London City airport and other major airports of UK can make online reservations via website, mobile site/application and by call. Among the popular destinations in the town of Tunbridge Wells, there are some fantastic gardens with lush green grassy plains. Some of the most popular gardens in the royal town include Johnsons Garden Buildings, Scotney Castle, Groombridge Place, Summit Gardens, Holden Park, McDonald's Tunbridge Wells Business Park, Kings Park and many more. Some of the popular recreational spots in town include Hawkenbury Recreation Ground, Bowles Outdoor Centre, Bowlplex, Uplands Sports Centre, Black Pig, The Trinity Theatre, Tunbridge Wells Bowls and Tennis Club, Sankeys and many more. These places remain occupied with tourists and local visitors throughout the year making it a highly popular place of the Kentish County of England.

If you are looking for trains for traveling from Tunbridge Wells to London, you can hire them by traveling to the neighboring town Tonbridge which is at a minor distance of 4 kilometers from the royal town. The trains from Tonbridge Railway Station are operated by Southeastern and Southern railways. These trains travel from Tonbridge to London Charring Cross, London Bridge, Dover Priory, Canterbury West, Ramsgate, Strood, Paddock Wood and Maidstone West. Taxi hire from London City airport to Tunbridge Wells is easily accessible and offer all popular drop off locations of the town including popular hotels such as The Brew House, The Spa Hotel, Hotel du Vin, Royal Wells Hotel, Smart and Simple Hotels, Travelodge Tunbridge Wells, Russell Hotel, The Beacon, Smith and Western Restaurant & Hotel, Camden Arms Hotel and many more.

Getting a car hire from London City airport to Tunbridge Wells is as easy as ABC. There are many ground transportation firms offering dedicated airport cab services. CrossCab is one of the biggest names in online cab booking industry in the United Kingdom. They offer superior class cab services at cost effective prices.

Visit The City Norwalk, The Place of Four Points by Sheraton.

Situated in the Fairfield County, Norwalk, CT is having a population of almost 85 thousands. This is a city in the Connecticut which is also no doubt an important part of United States. As far as the Census Bureau is concerned in the year 2008 the city can be defined as the sixth largest in this county according the size. The fact that attracts a number of travelers is that this city belongs to the New York metropolitan area. Such fact really can attract numerous people and a lot of people travel along path to their Destination Norwalk.

Even the very name of the city belongs to the word noyank which means a point of land. This word is actually an Algonquin word and the very native name of is American base is Naramauke. Oysters are very important this city and this is a huge farming source for the natives of this city. Actually the city once named over its great farming of Oysters. It was renowned as Oyster town. The city is the largest oyster producer as far as the Connecticut is concerned. The greatest oyster company Hilliard Bloom Shellfish is also situated in this city. A traveler can witness the huge and beautiful oyster festival if the person travels t this place in the month of September. Each and every year the city organizes its greatest annual festival. This can be considered and can be compared with many state fairs as well.

For any traveler another thing in this city can be very interesting and that are the liquor store Norwalk. Travelers can really take pleasure in these shops and they are really unique. Even a huge number of travelers who love to drink and even love to relish the drink that will be really enjoyed a lot with such liquor store Norwalk.

There is no doubt that the city can be really a very ideal place for many people just because this can be very good place for romance. The city can give a huge scope to many people who love to spend very intimate and private time with numerous people. There are a number of rendezvous spots that can be really identified as the most romantic spots in the entire country. The romantic spots of this county can be compared with various beautiful and nostalgic places in New England. Many people specifically fro the people coming from the New York and other states prefer this county to spend their time with their partners.

Nobody can deny the fact that the coastal region of this place is the most recognized and preferred location as the romantic destination in this land. This is really a town of mystic beauty with various outstanding spots of enjoyment. Many people prefer and come to visit this place in the season of summer. The area really bustles with extreme visitors in the summer season without any doubt. Even there are various beautiful restaurants that are very much popular for their outstanding space that is ideal for numerous lovers to spend time with their partners.

As a tourist spot this city is also enriched with various resorts, which are also ideal places for the couples to spend the time with each other. The vibrant resorts and their outstanding management add an extra satisfaction to the tourists. It is no doubt very clear that nobody can go in empty hands from this city, as this is a place for each and every one. People almost all ages may find pleasure and ultimate satisfaction in this place. So it is better to pack your bag for you next trip to this city.

The Indian Experience

Experiencing the real India is only possible through the cultural and historical exploration of the region. South and north India are inviting and home to many tourist cities like Delhi - the heart of India, Jaipur and Cochin among many. Not only will each region you travel to have a different local language but also differ is culture and beliefs. India tours allow you to see the country with the help of a certified tour guide. The most famous of all tours are the Kerala and Rajasthan tours. To get the best of north and south India, check for online tours.

Kerala and Rajasthan Tours

Not only will you find great deals on north India but Kerala is a very sought after destination in south India as well. There are plenty of online packages for Kerala. The main attractions in Kerala are the temples, backwaters and boathouses as well as the ayurvedic experience. Kerala is a scenic and vibrant state which has plenty of canals, lakes and river interconnected. This little network encourages people to travel on houseboats from one village to another. A Kerala tour package will include such experiences. Rajasthan tours are a great way to recollect the historical past on India through the architecture of great palaces and forts of Jaipur, Udaipur and Jodhpur. Besides this, you can experience the real India and visit bazaars and markets. Rajasthan tours give you and your family the opportunity to visit century old monuments.

Other tours

If you are not happy travelling just one region of India, combine your tours and spend a longer duration in the country. You can combine a Rajasthan tour with a wildlife tour of the country. On such tours, you will visit wildlife and bird sanctuaries across India. Or, instead you can travel Kerala by foot. Here you will not only see the grasslands of the region but will also be able to visit many sanctuaries and wildlife parks along the way.

Online bookings

In order to ensure you have a vacation in India, all you need to do is book your Kerala or Rajasthan tour online. Online Rajasthan and Kerala tour packages are reasonable and offer you a wide number of activities and a detailed itenary. Make sure you have the list of hotels along with your flight details before you consider it a final booking. Also, check the terms and conditions of the website while booking.

Taj Mahal is a Monument of Love

Taj Mahal is built entirely of white marble. Its stunning architectural beauty is beyond adequate description, particularly at dawn and sunset. The Taj seems to glow in the light of the full moon. On a foggy morning, the visitors experience the Taj as if suspended when viewed from across the Jamuna River. The very first sight of the Taj Mahal, the epitome of love and romance, also leaves visitors mesmerized and perpetually enthralled.

A Monument of Love is an historical movie. In 1607 India is ruled by the Mughal Empire where Khurram, son of the Emperor, wants to marry Arjumand but although the Emperor gives his blessings, his manipulative stepmother Nurjahan forbids it becauses she wants her daughter to be the next queen. Khurram refuses to marry her daughter and relinquishes his status as crown prince so he can marry Emperor gives Khurram the title of Shah Jahan. The entire empire is blessed with a loving and caring King and Queen. Khurram has to leave for war to defend his empire. Khurram goes to war and is making plans to attack when he gets the message that Arjumand who is with child has followed him. He goes to meet her but loses his way. Then when he does find her she is on her deathbed and has only a few more moments to live. Khurram promises to build her a monument which will be a symbol of their love for centuries to come.

The monument reflects beautiful admixture of lines, horizontal with vertical on the one hand and straight with curved on the other. A combination of solids and voids imparts a three dimensional effect and allows a beautiful play of light and gives a color independence to the monument. Not only white marble was selected by the architects for exterior decoration but they also manipulated the material to produce the best possible effects of light. This is best reflected in the colored inlay of the portal-dados, the spandrels of the arches and the pilasters. The receding plinths, give the Taj a towering effect and it appears as if it is about to rise high into the sky. The Taj marks the ultimate moment in the development of Mughal architecture. It formed the stage of the art from where it could only decline. The Taj is the perfect expression of beauty and the illusionary effect of the monument adds to its aesthetics. This illusion was created by the architect with the help of such gross materials as lime, brick and white marble.

Taj Mahal is built entirely of white marble. Its stunning architectural beauty is beyond adequate description, particularly at dawn and sunset. The Taj seems to glow in the light of the full moon. On a foggy morning, the visitors experience the Taj as if suspended when viewed from across the Jamuna river. Taj Mahal is a mausoleum built by an Emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal who died during childbirth. This place encourages the lovers and beauty of this place hypnotizes them. The purity of white color marble is delicate decoration,costly white stone is used in the construction and it is situated in a charming location which increases its popularity and value. People symbolise this monument as men's love for women in ancient times that how he spend a huge amount to build a memorable Mahal travel changes the life of many lovers and they get inspiration from this Taj will only leave cherished moments which will become memories for the lifetime.

Beautiful Hill Station Historical Place Manali in India

India is a diverse country steeped in history. Its past has seen a melting pot of different religions, rulers and empires all of which have left their mark on the countryside. Many historical places in India are listed as India Heritage place due to their cultural importance.

Indian hill stations are a traveler's paradise, gifted with snowy peaks, deep gorges, green valleys, misty woods, frothing rivers, azure lakes and flower-filled meadows. These misty, mystical and serene hill stations of India are a perfect holiday option.

The climate of Manali is very cold as it is located in the Himalayas and the snow line is not far from the place. The altitude of Manali gives it a climate, which is loved by one and all. The summers are cool and the winters prove to be very harsh. During the winters the snow line comes down and there is snowfall in the region and heavy woolen cloths are required. During the monsoon months due to heavy rainfall there are landslides, which hamper movement. The best time to visit Manali is May and October but one can visit this place during winters too.

Manali Hill station is surrounded with lots of the travel places. It is situated at Beas River Valley. Kullu is the nearest another tourist spot of Manali.

India is known as cultural place of world having countless tourist destinations. The historical spots and nature made tourist locations presented India as the first choice for travelers. Coz weather of the Manali is very pleasant and snow, peaceful. It is beneficial place for health. "Cold Wind" is a very good balance of all those elements one looks for in a mystery but not in any way that seems formulaic.

The Himalayan pays homage to the Indian tradition ofhospitality and service, by welcoming each guest to its Castle and Manali Cottages with warmth and genuine gratitude. We find inspiration in the area's rich heritage, whilst looking forward to a vibrant and propitious future. The values of courtesy, care and discretion are complemented by all the opulence of a truly world class resort. At The Himalayan nothing is forgotten - no detail is too small.

The Kullu valley has an ancient town in its lap called Manali. Surrounded by towering peaks at an arm length, Manali's major asset is its proximity to the snowline. Today many people are attaining to diverse states and tourist spots to learn and enjoy culture of India. Some amazing and secret holiday destinations are described in this blog with astonishing images and valuable information.

The Historical Site of The Kelaniya Temple

Kelaniya is one of the small towns situated close to the commercial capital Colombo. The urban village lies on the bank of the Kelani River and is most popular for its great temple.

As mentioned in the Buddhist chronicle, the Mahawamsa, Lord Buddha in the 5th century BCE arrived to Sri Lanka at the site of the temple. His arrival was on invitation by the King of Kelaniya at the time, King Maniakkitha. The Buddha was invited to preach the Dhamma and the throne on which he sat is the relic that is now housed in the temple. The town is of significant historical importance, once being the provincial capital of King Kelani Tissa in the 1st century BCE whose daughter Queen Vihara Maha Devi gave birth to the great King Dutugemunu.

In connection with the epic of Ramayana, the story narrates the instance when Prince Vibhishana of Kelaniya builds an alliance with Lord Rama of India during Vibhishana's battle with his elder brother, King Ravana of Lanka. Some legends state that the town of Kelaniya was also the capital of the Yaksha tribe. The tribe migrated from its former capital and created many settlement throughout the city during the reign of Vibhishana.

The temple holds many arts, paintings and sculptures by a renowned artisan, Solias Mendis. These masterpieces are carefully preserved and depict events that occurred during the many decades of Sri Lankan history. The Duruthu/Navam Maha Perahera of Kelaniya is the second most prestigious pageant and festival held during the months of November, December and January each year.

The town was of significant importance during the historical periods of the fifteenth century and after the rigorous invasions of the Dravidians from South India, it was restored by the Sinhalese kings who ruled the city in the following years. Although it was severely damaged subsequent to the invasion by the Portuguese, successive developments were carried out by King Keerthi Sri Rajasingha during the years 1746 to 1778 under the supervision of the Chief Vihara, Venerable Mapitigama Buddharakkhita.

Travellers visiting the country during the vibrant and festive seasons or even on a holiday may find exceptional Sri Lanka hotels in the vicinity. For warm hospitality and great service, Jetwing Beach would be the ideal solution for the discerning traveller. One of the most popular Negombo hotels, it provides a comfortable stay in a serene setting.

Reading Festival and its Growing Popularity

Summer holidaying is one of the most beloved activities of mankind. There are many places on earth which are well known for this activity. However, nothing matches England and this is why the city of London receives more tourists per annum than any other city in the world. Where the English capital itself remains a fabulous tourist destination, outside of London, there is a lot to enjoy and check out. For history lovers, historical sites and museums around England perfect the holidays while for food aficionados, eating around the land can be just a mind blowing experience. Those who fancy beach holidaying, there is not much in the country but England still has a few spots to treat beach lovers too. Apart from this, shopping, museums, art galleries, parks and other tourist attractions in the country have remained simply unparalleled.

For those who are lucky enough to spend the bank holiday of august in this part of the world, Reading Festival is a highly recommended event to check out. Many cities of England are known for their liveliness, events and festivities and especially in London, whatever happens is caught by international media. Nonetheless, Reading Festival has its own place and owing to its uniqueness and wonderments, draws a high number of England's tourist populace towards itself during the bank holiday of August. This is the time when together with the city of Leeds, Reading organizes this grand celebration of music and attracts music lovers from all around the globe. Beginning in the 1970s, this event has grown bigger and better than ever before.

Thus today, reading festival tickets are largely sold over the internet because not just the people of England but music fans from all around the world die to get here. Reading Festival is organized at the popular Little John's Farm and includes a number of stages with each of them, dedicated to a different scene. While some stages would invite the newcomers, others would be dedicated to dance acts and some kept aside for the world renowned names. Hence, from very famous to very new musicians are invited for Reading Festival and from rock to pop, a large number of dance and music genres are celebrated by this mega event.

Reading festival tickets include not just attending the shows but also for camping in the area. There are any other types of tickets and each of them has a different price. Music lovers can thus select the ones that suites them better and go with the vibe of this fantabulous musical celebration.