Flights to Jeddah Offering By flightstojeddah

Flights to Jeddah Offering By flightstojeddah

Dubai, which is commonly known as the shopping capital of the world, is not the only shopping destination for international tourists in Middle East. Jeddah is also a well known city when it comes to shopping. With its old and traditional markets on one side and flashy modern malls on the other, it can safely be called a heaven for shoppers. Today I will take you on a trip to many markets and shopping centers in the beautiful city of Jeddah so that when you book your flights to Jeddah, you will have a ready reference to the happening places in the city. While passing through these markets you will see the local culture, traditional shops along with the products which make Jeddah a true shopper's delight.

The first market we will cover Al-Basha market. Located near the eastern port of Jeddah, this market is famous for textiles and spices. You will also get some handmade utility stuff here such as water skin bags locally known as Qirabs.

The other famous market in Jeddah is Al-Sagha Market, famous for its jewelry and items made of precious metals like gold, silver and diamonds. Situated in the South-Eastern part of the city, this market is flooded with customers during Hajj season. While walking through the market you will get to see beautiful items made of gold and silver with a specialized Arabian work on them. Even if you do not have hefty load of money to purchase these items still a visit to this market is must for every traveler.

The next in line is Al-Nada market. Famous for its fish fry and coffee shops, this is one of the oldest markets in the city of Jeddah. Situated between the northern gate of Okasha Mosque and Zawiat AL-Hadarem, the market is also famous for its stores. It was earlier known as the Al-Gommasheen market. So if you like fish, head straight to this market after landing in Jeddah and trust me you will eat the best fish fry you have ever eaten.

Now let's move to Balad, a huge market place in Jeddah with many specialized markets. It is a lively market filled with energy and vibrancy. With its narrow lanes of cobbled stone, it is similar to other Asian markets in its appearance but the dishes which are served in many eateries in this market, I am sure you won't find anywhere else.

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