Our Trip to Riga

Our Trip to Riga

We headed away from the hotel and came to the Monument of Freedom, a striking memorial to the soldiers killed in the Latvian War of Independence. The monument was kept under watch by 2 guards and several wreaths lay at the base of the structure.

Still heading away from the old town, we were just wandering and people watching when we came across the bridge decorated with umpteen padlocks. These padlocks were clamped on by newlyweds and the keys were thrown into the river as a symbol of Love. Our route began to take us back towards town as we had done a full circle, and after some lunch we escaped from a very heavy rain shower by visiting the Occupation Museum of Latvia.

The exhibits showcase the occupation of Latvia by the Nazis and the Soviets and was quite in-teresting, despite it being quite busy. Upon leaving the museum we were disappointed to find that it was still raining fairly heavily, so we made our way back to the hotel for some shelter. With nothing much else to do, we sat at the bar from 2pm onwards and drank beer whilst playing cards.

4 hours soon passed and we were on our way to getting pretty drunk, and therefore we ventured out for some dinner. The hotel was organizing a pub crawl later that night and we decided to carry on our escapades at the hotel bar.

It was here that we bumped into a familiar face; a guy from our home town of Munich was also staying at the hotel! A decent sized group of drinkers had gathered and a large card game en-sued, but they had a long way to go to catch up with Dave and I on the beer front! After some great banter and several more beers, we began our pub crawl, which was dutifully led by 2 of the hotel girls.

We were led outside the hotel in a group and because we were too drunk, we lost the group less than 50m outside the hotel! We cut our losses and hit the first bar we came to. My memory from there on in was hazy to say the least, but we ended up sleeping out in the pub conser-vatory for god knows how long.

We were woken by a less than happy woman shaking our legs and giving us an earful of Russian! I think we might have been crashed out for at least 2 hours! Luckily the hotel was just around the corner and we made our way home safely.

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